Boeing recommends eight-abreast seating in the Dreamliner, but most airlines arrange their economy sections in this same 3-3-3 arrangement. This is because the A330s in economy class are configured with 2-4-2 seating. On the 787, Air Canada’s economy class is arranged in a 3-3-3 configuration. And wouldn't again. Front part of the 3-3-3 economy section. Even though I was economy, I was zone 2 through being Star Alliance silver and holding the United Mileage Club card. But even with the Economy Class the food served is good and the entertaiment equipment was efficient with good selection. - Hi folks, Another in the series of "the best seat not-very-much-money can buy", today we're on a domestic hop on one of Air Canada's new 787 Dreamliners, and taking advantage of one of … YYC-YYZ) 787-9 flight, is the PE cabin kept separate from the main economy cabin (i.e. I generally book the middle row, never been a fan of bulkhead seats. Trip Reports - Air Canada 787 Premium Economy - Just the seats, ma'am. The premium economy seats on flights from Sydney to Vancouver are 20 inches wide, excluding the armrest. Air Canada’s A330-300s come in one of three different configurations. First of all, it was premium economy on the 787 Dreamliner so you know it’s going to be bigger and better than anything else. Boeing 787-9 is used by Air Canada during long-haul flights. Business Class feature individual pods ; 18-inch high-definition entertainment system; Fully lie-flat seats with lumbar support, mattress preference (harder or softer) with massage features A new arrival for Irish passengers is Air Canada's Premium Economy (above), available on single-aisle, Boeing 737-MAX 8 planes flying between Dublin and Montreal and Shannon and Toronto this summer. It was a pleasant surprise. It would be nice if they installed a clip at the end of the tray table, because the second half of it is really flimsy, but on the bright side, these seats were definitely felt newer than the ones they had fitted on their 777-300ERs. Premium Economy Air Canada Dreamliner. Following my Premium Economy flight with British Airways, I decided to hop on board with Air Canada to review their Premium Economy product. Trip Report: Flying on an Air Canada Boeing 787-9 in Economy Class from Frankfurt to Toronto. Air Canada’s Boeing 787-900 is primarily flown on long-haul routes and features a three class configuration with 30 Business Class Suites, 21 Premium Economy seats, and 247 standard Economy … Air Canada's Premium Economy cabin on the 787 Dreamliner has 21 seats in a 2-3-2 configuration providing 38-inch legroom and generous 19.5-inch seat width and 7-inch recline. I bought the Premium Economy Class. Do almost everytime a passenger or flight attendant walks by. Each seat is equipped with a 9- or 11-inch enhanced definition intuitive touch personal entertainment screen, as well as universal power and USB outlets. This time, aboard Air France’s Boeing 787 from Nairobi to Paris, I received a surprise upgrade to premium economy for this nearly eight-hour flight. Air Canada | Aeroplan - Premium Economy / 787 on domestic route - I've seen conflicting info on this: On a domestic (i.e. Discover Flying Premium Economy Air Canada, compare seat space, meals and all round experience, Air Canada Premium Economy v Economy comparision Overall Thoughts ? Given a right price-point, its great value to the additional cost and the seat comfort is a few notches better than regular economy seats. A respectable premium product by the Canadian carrier, ... Air Canada 787-9 Business Class Toronto to Munich Review ... (in economy class) I received a 4,800 miles discount. Photo: Simple Flying/Air Canada What makes the A330 better than the 787. I had a great experience traveling with the Air Canada Dreamliner from Vancouver to Toronto as part of the international connection to Brazil via Sao Paulo. with a curtain)? Beyond that and the included checked bag fee, there is no amenity perks with flying Air Canada Premium Economy. Air Canada is getting bullish on Brisbane as the launch of its Brisbane-Vancouver service draws near. Air Canada’s Boeing 787-8 seats 251 passengers: 20 in Business Class (flat bed seats), 21 in Premium Economy Class (recliner seats), and 210 in Economy Class (standard seats). Airline review: Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, economy class, Melbourne to Vancouver Craig Platt For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Or do Economy passengers go in/out … Proximity of the galley and lavatories may represent problem to passengers of the seats of the 12th row. Air Canada’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner has a three-class configuration, with 30 lie-flat seats in business class, 21 recliner seats in three rows in premium economy, with a configuration of 2-3-2, and 247 seats in economy. Air Canada Boeing 787 Premium Economy. First impressions on board Air Canada flight Air Canada Brisbane to Vancouver Economy cabin onboard the Boeing 787. I must have been bumped 100 times from YYZ-TLV. Since deliveries of its new Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 aircraft began, Air Canada has spent millions adapting its larger and older Boeing 777 fleet to delivery a similar flight experience. Air Canada premium economy is a solid product and I would definitely recommend it for passengers that pre-dominantly fly coach. Air Canada’s 787 … The 787 Dreamliner is big. Especially bad with the serving cart. The 787/8/9 PE product on Air Canada is quite good; I loved my flight to Paris last year and will try to book the product again anytime I do a flight longer than 5 hours. The features of this class vary depending on the aircraft. Air Canada typically offers premium economy seats on selected domestic and international flights. On the way to the Economy cabin, I couldn’t help drooling at the pod-style seats in the Air Canada Business Class cabin and eyed the extra legroom in the Air Canada Premium Economy Cabin with envy. Answer 1 of 3: Can anyone please tell me the difference between AC premium economy on AC 787-8 and AC 787-9? For some reason, these look like the exact same seats (dimensions, features, etc. Unless you are checking two bags, avoid a middle seat, and it is a last-minute deal, I don’t see the point. Boeing 787-8 airplane operated by Air Canada may accommodate 251 passengers in three classes. Yet again, for the second time, this was originally going to be a review of the regular economy experience, but the plan changed. Air Canada 787-9 I headed from the lonunge to gate 41 to board. Air Canada Boeing 787 Premium Economy Review When flying between Vancouver and Toronto, there certainly isn’t a shortage of airlines to choose from. This is FIN 848 (see the number next to the front landing gear), registration C-FRSR, delivered in May 2017 . I paid extra for this seat. AIR CANADA BUSINESS CLASS. The main reason passengers should desire flying on Air Canada’s Airbus A330 is the cabin layout in economy. I got bumped in the left shoulder. Each seat is equipped with a 9- or 11-inch enhanced definition intuitive touch personal entertainment screen, as well as universal power and USB outlets. 18H, there is a dog leg in the aisle from premium economy to this seat. We’ve flown business class several times on Air Canada, but it was our first time flying premium economy. The carrier also operates a stretched version of the Dreamliner – the Boeing 787-9 – which can carry 298 passengers, with 30 in Business, 21 in Premium Economy, and 247 in Economy Class.
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