nvALT is open-source! Simplenote syncs across virtually everything and supports AppImage, DEB, and RPM. Paper worked well for persistence when that was all we had, but we have much better now. Flatpak and appimage are the most open friendly. Remote code should never run with full privileges - consider using a `webview` instead, which can be sandboxed. This is a poorly thought out and whiny review + cosmetic criticisms of a very solid service. I'll bet that .txt files (which is what I currently use to store notes) will outlast .doc. They're just markdown utf-8 textfiles in a folder hierarchy, and I figure vim and vimscript extensions are pretty darn future proof. >is it really that important for a non-emacs client to support 100% of org's features? Learn more. A very simple and basic version, it even has an API and a cli client!! I had a similar thoughts, but didn't want to start from scratch (I include Electron in this definition). All the ones I've tried don't even come close. There are really exciting improvements slated for release this year. Notion for collaboration. - backend storage should be any cloud hosting system such as on AWS S3, but the data shouldn't be accessible to any one publicly, except via the application, and ideally encrypted at rest. Some of them are quite good too. Even just using a subset of orgs features, it can still be significantly more powerful than just plain old markdown. Standard Notes is a valuable note taking app alternative for individuals concerned with privacy and security matters with a strip down user experience that feels overall more lacking than simple, though, and both design choices and a business model/marketing strategy that generate some concerns from a customer point of view. Add version tags to the git repo, that way I don't have to wonder what's changed between deploys Or sign each release with a private key on a machine that's "very protected from the Internet" and only have the Electron app automatically pull the update if the signature can be verified with the public key. Noticed you're using AWS. I think forcing structured data input is the wrong approach and it is better to use NLP or other methods of inference. I've read Altucher's words on using a waiter's pad and he says the same thing -- it's for ephemera. Open Source + Good Business Insights + Good Design is rare to find. Did you notice any particularly effective nonlinear note taking style being used by these astronomers? Distribution independent, and it's super easy to get auto updating in Electron. AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you love and hate. [3] Moving subfolders of notes in the app makes the notes completely disappear. It also sounds like this person was quite negligent in handling their own data - Standard Notes certainly asks more of you as far as problem solving because it’s under development by one really thoughtful person - but it beats using any non encrypted or “encrypted” service by mainstream options. In the case of Ulysses, I can still use the same version that I currently own in 10 years even if the company behind it goes out of business (given it will still run on our machines that we use at that point) + updates until the next paid upgrade (if that happens). For ones like me that never heard about AppImage before (shame on me), you just need to "chmod a+x file.AppImage", then execute as a normal (./) [0]. I use Google Keep. Standard Notes is a valuable note taking app alternative for individuals concerned with privacy and security matters with a strip down user experience that feels overall more lacking than simple, though, and both design choices and a business model/marketing strategy that generate some concerns from a customer point of view. The monetization is very elegant, no popups, no intrusive real estate to tell you to go pro. The simplest way to keep notes. I have settled on Google Keep for my note-taking, for ease of use and durability. What's the best format to distribute Linux apps? The preferred way to deploy it via GCE or Scaleway will use the latest dockerized version. I hope that while you may be taken aback by some of your experiences, that you don't give up on our mission, and understand that, as difficult as it may be, and as hard as I may stumble, I'm always trying to do the right thing, both for the business and for the users. I've been looking for a simple (from a UI perspective) tk application to learn from and I think nvPy fits my needs nicely. I realize there are methods like the bullet journal's that address this, but they've felt clumsy to me. But that's not from laziness. Standard Notes (todo) Notebooks. 1. After work on the paid product was released, the "marketing" copy was actually dumbed down, and not made more hyperbolic. I have been trying to find a solid note-taking app that is also a business for ages (which is good, you want them to make money, so they keep building it and maintaining and they don't need to sell data/ads to survive)!! I use a cross-platform clone called nvPy on my primary machine, it's a pretty adequate substitute. Whether your note-taking style demands minimal design and slick gesture-based functions, or advanced organization and cataloging of various media, chances are there's a notes app that's right for you. It's a fork of Notational Velocity, on the developer's GitHub: There's similar support in org-mode, in case you are interested in Emacs or use another platform: Also deft, if you are not using org-mode. Snap uses a central location which i also don't like as much. For those wanting a little more power and flexibility, we created Extended, which unlocks powerful editors, themes, and automated backups. I took a lot of notes on pen and paper during my studies, but after a decade of moving around (including different countries) I have none of them left. My review of Standard Notes (self.StandardNotes). Some people like to take their notes digitally. A screenshot or two would be really helpful. Encryption and media are easily changed if that becomes necessary and technology changes. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The only bulk operations are Delete and Pin-to-top. I love the spirit of this. Since it's just plain markdown files, you can save to Dropbox, git, NFS, or anything else really. And attempting to justify it by using a single dictionary definition, isn't logic, it's wordplay. I don't agree with the author much. These days, it's better to use printers to put more substantial and important information on paper. Shorter term, an Ubuntu PPA wouldn't hurt. Seriously, .deb or .rpm is okay, but what users will really want is a proper apt/rpm repository, which is for sure more effort. So if the website goes down, I've still lost my data unless I back it up in advance. I like this trend of back to basics in computing (even if it is running in a web browser on my desktop), its goals are nice. They let you jot down quick notes, search, export, and sync everything you want to remember. That being said, I don't think it's updated too regularly. No, I won't be able to search them, nor will they sync, nor will they be there when I lose my notebook. What's the typical life expectancy of an indie software product today? Frankly the list of notes looks horrible on desktop. [–][deleted] 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 children). Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. A couple things that could be useful: So you get the full feature se… It's actually much harder to do everything this way. 3. Hugely. Apple Notes provides several options while typing a note. That looks pretty great. This thing - 115 MB. In fact Evernote has been advertising handwritten text indexing for quite a while: I thought down-voting was for bad behavior, not disagreement. I found Google Keep much too basic. And there is a normal windows listview where I can see a lot of notes at once. Simplenote is excellent for basic notetaking but having used Onenote I'm spoiled by it's ability to search within images. Is there actually any description of how you're encrypting, how you manage and distribute keys, why you believe this is secure, why you're not using an authenticated mode, etc? Hmm, good point, looks like you can export individual notes as PDF, but that's it. The only thing that is missing from the pro is folders and a text editor, which for basic usage is not needed. The good news is that the extensions experience is always undergoing improvement. https://build.opensuse.org/, "The openSUSE Build Service is the public instance of the Open Build Service (OBS) used for development of the openSUSE distribution and to offer packages from same source for Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise and other distributions.." (Possibly MacOS and Windows). That it's taken further and somewhat arrogantly called "standard" notes really chills me on liking this product at all, given that it completely and intentionally omits useful things to a lot of people -- including me. There is definitely a need for something like Standard Notes. One thing you have to sort out is whether and how Simplenote fits into your notes workflow. Related, here's a post by the author [1] about Evernote which sheds light on why he went about making this. I use deft after trying a few other alternatives. I use pen and paper all the time but only for ephemera. It's also useful when traveling and being given a guest Linux work station to use that it doesn't require admin privileges to get working: just git clone the vimwiki repo into ~/.vim and clone the notes repo. The default color scheme of the app is a punch in the eyes and it feels like it has been done this way so you end up subscribing just to get rid of the offending red color (which is what I did at least). It's remarkable how bad the Apple Notes apps are. Also, the UI on desktop is pretty poor. Sure, the subscription is helping the developer to keep the app running but once I stop paying that, I will loose crucial features. Pros: Use across desktop and mobile devices, easy to … In fact I ended up paying for a subscription basically to get rid of the painful red and white UI of the android app and only in second place for the extra features (which I will talk more about later on). All data is stored on several USB keys that are backed up in several places. Go ahead, downvote away. http://www.acuriousmix.com/2014/09/03/designing-a-personal-k... https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8270759. How does Simplenote fit into your notes workflow? So where do I go? I think some history helps: the paid version of Standard Notes came several months after the core version was released. As it stands, I have to preview my document to see the images. I use flat files in markdown since 2010 with Sublime Text with extensions: MarkdownEditing, Table Editor, All power of Sublime Text, Super fast full text search, Full index of all header sections in all files trough Cmd+Shift+R, Full index of all file names trough Cmd+P, Language | files | blank | comment | code. Its open source. If you like the idea of cyber note taking, but are worried about hackers snooping on your thoughts, Standard Notes has you covered. Evernote and Simplenote are great tools and I would recommend them for mostpeo… Standard Notes seems the very least amazing. For paper notes, I know exactly what you're talking about. According to the website you can simply output your data to a text file: On the contrary, this is like a web application optimized for tablet converted to a windows app. In fact, we might even quickly become more bloated than Evernote. However Evernote is probably the most common--being able to easily copy-paste plots and images seems to ease a big pain point. Simpleen is a Markdown translation web app and API service. Or it gets wet, or when I forget it, and I sure as Schmidt won't be able to read them in 50 years, because the only thing I have that is that old is my physical body. Rendered by PID 26669 on r2-app-0c86560e31d3c7463 at 2021-01-12 03:30:55.284812+00:00 running 0131643 country code: US. Being able to search for photos with my dog or from a time or specific places is fantastic. For anything more serious, I would absolutely agree that "longevity, portability, and privacy" are much more important. No. The core mission of SN has always been anti-bloat. 1. Thus no need for IV, and makes implementations across platforms simpler. I'm really satisfied with the end to end encryption and the general security and privacy model of Standard Notes. And there are reasons for that. What is a note? As I know you understood I was just trying to give you the sense of what it is the user/customer experience of your product because I like it and I feel there is much room for improvement, in the software and in the business model. The most annoying outcome of this choice is the very different user experience between the desktop and the mobile versions. For some context,in addition to taking notes with the method I describe in this post,I have tried taking noteswith pen and paper,with Google Docs,with Evernote,andwith Simplenote. It's a good defense against CDNs turning malicious. Its free. Instead, I went with implementing it as a Atom package to leverage its community and other text-editing features. I also really appreciate the simplicity and minimalism of the program even though it is becoming more and more clear during the regular use that is not a design choice made for usability but more to keep the software easy to maintain for the devs. Part of the appeal of Simplenote is markdown support but the other cool thing is WordPress support. I use the Workflow app on iOS, and I have a feeling it would be relatively trivial to write a workflow that loops through all your notes and writes them all to text files in Dropbox or something else like that. There's no way to do this in Simplenote. Thanks, now that I know people are using the Ruby server I'll start versioning it. Apple Notes? My principle, maybe my only, problem with paper is appending to notes I've already closed by opening new notes after them. >> I want to be able to read it fifty years from now ... > I've read Altucher's words on using a waiter's pad and he says the same thing -- it's for ephemera. With a lot of notes and lists in Google Keep, I always wonder when Google will kill it like Reader. My current plan is to import them into OneNote because they have good app coverage across platforms and they just released what looks like a pretty solid API that lets you import and export notes. The developers also actively engage with the community over at reddit.com/r/bearapp. The best note-taking apps sync across iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android, and the web. Overview:Microsoft’s free cross-platform note-taking app gives Evernote a run for its money, though the interface leaves something to be desired. Zim[0] (open source) has a lot of these features. Without exaggerating, they're enough to fill a suitcase. Emacs and or any other text editor will just works. In any way, my point is, I personally rather pay a price and own the piece of software than renting an app. It isn't open source, but it's excellent software very much in the spirit of nvalt. It's neat, but only if you live completely inside the Apple ecosystem. Depends on your definition of a "note" I guess. Totally. Your notes from ten years ago may be physically there, but how long is it going to take to find what you need? [1] https://medium.com/@mobitar/evernote-is-what-happens-when-yo... Maybe some people will like this, but the motivations and decisions just seem ill thought out so far, particularly when it's "VC is going to kill Evernote, so you should rely upon a hostname I personally administer instead and you get exactly what I give you" as the main call to action when I go to the page. All your notes are synced across devices allowing you to take notes anywhere. The next version I'm working on will make the experience a lot more fluid, comfortable, and even fun. In the end the software experience feels more broken than simple. with a modern feature set (embedded media, links, etc. However, it's not very easy to lookup info by topic and it's time consuming to write out detailed explanations in long-hand. That would make both my life and your life much easier for the time being. Other private, short-lived, growth-oriented companies? use the following search parameters to narrow your results: A simple and private notes app. For this purpose, pen and paper should be good enough in my point of view. I've had serious difficulty[1][2][3] with Apple's Notes.app over the past 18 months. I've seen the way many people use physical notes and it's largely the same thing. I would also mention nvALT has a similar philosophy in terms of file format and supports Markdown and fast searching of notes. I almost always end up back there :). The core version had similar colors on mobile, similar interface on web, and similar website language. Will definitely try to get to it. My thoughts exactly. Reddit is a popular online community that ... Simpleen. Even if I want to preserve the history of the evolution, I'll want to be able to insert the new things where they make sense -- a new consequence here, a parenthetical that amends the previous thought there. On a technical level, this seems to be a desktop web app which is overkill for a simple text editor. Also a subscription doesn't guarantee that something unexpected will happen to Shinyfrog (the company behind it). Interesting read. I'm just getting started with Electron, so forgive me if this is a stupid question, but how is that different from the updates endpoint getting compromised (for apps with auto update enabled)? This is part of what Standard Notes addresses. The reason we torture ourselves to do it this way is because it's better for the long run. However, digital notes are useful, especially for brain dumping something quickly, so I've settled on vimwiki[3] in a git repository. It works with a simple app to handle syncing the paper with multiple digital services/tags. Downvoted. For example using the advanced editor on the desktop app means that in the android app you will have a note with visible html tags. Official standard notes docker image or dockerfile in repo Package Formats (I hope it is the future) we have appimage, flatpak (Redhat backed), snap (Ubuntu backed). It's short-term and ephemeral. I am not locked into a sync solution and can freely switch from iCloud to Dropbox to to make it future proof. Unless you have an extensive background in application security, especially on the stack that you are using (Electron, etc), then don't advertise security as a feature. Simplenote doesn’t have many advanced features, but is an ideal candidate for simple note taking. Virtually everything I've needed to make notes on over the last 22 years are in a folder hierarchy of flat text files. Interesting! Even though I think that there is no real need of nested tags (especially when the system can't be clearly mirrored on the android app) the actual extension should work correctly. It needs to have: I really like Google Photos for it's excellent search capabilities. Notes I can't get at might as well not exist. Seems like this project doesn't offer much at moment except cool name. I'm also yet to find the perfect photos app. Most of my org notes would be ok to edit with nothing more complicated than the labels+tags+checkboxes+tables features. EDIT: Oops ... see the comment below as apparently Electron supports code signing via certificates. I love Google Keep but I wonder when they will kill it. Open Simplenote, and click on the “Note” settings. The format is just plain text. Evernote for the ultimate digital notebook. And that's a really good thing. The OneNote clipper felt a little lacking and sometimes buggy for me. This is a really cool project. I personally bought Ulysses and use that as my notes taking app for text-only documents, and Apple Notes for short-lived image related notes. Compatibility: Browser, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Pros 1. This makes sense as there is not a lot to upset anyone with the core free version, which was kind of the goal ;). according to Google. In the meantime, feel free to submit a pull request for any of those items and I'll be happy to merge it in. I find my research notebook useful as a dated "what am I doing right now", free-form input useful for equations and diagrams, and short term to-do lists (which are more useful for outlining the steps needed to actually get something done). However, there is already rudimentary support for the org format outside org, so it may not be that bad. I haven't yet had a need to port it to OS X. I keep my notes in Dropbox for distribution and so I can access them on my phone. I know HN is for the tech crowd, but can I suggest something so simple it sounds stupid? [0]: https://github.com/ageitgey/node-unfluff. Google Keep for Google power users. Add pictures, formatting, etc. I hope it's a success! I don't know about you, but keeping any paperwork for over ~5 years is a chore: it requires keeping several filing cabinets to even have a chance at keeping track of things. macOS. Private files are stored in a truecrypt volume. Even on year 99, it's a work in progress. Nothing new but it's important to put the spotlight in the cause of the rot of this industry. That said, the majority of my notes still live in nvALT [2], stored as plain text in Dropbox, sync'd via Simplenote to allow me to use their mobile app. I want to be able to read it fifty years from now. That's pretty much what I do, except using UltraEdit as the editor. Oh neat! You could also ignore the organized structure and make everything a top level note in the manner of Simplenote. Thanks for the kind reply. Standard Notes is a lot like Simplenote. I use penn and paper all the time and prefer it to note taking apps. But two years from now, the app would inevitably begin suffering and bloating, and eventually implode. [–][deleted] 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago* (1 child), Hi! Found myself in a similar situation with Wunderlist slowing down over the past year. Standard Note (Image credit: ... For something more feature-light and text-oriented than a lot of the best note taking apps, try out SimpleNote, a cross-platform offering from Automattic. There's even a built-in plugin to automatically commit to git periodically (useful for standalone notebooks, since you don't really want to be opening git manually). You could easily write a script to export them directly from there. Standard Notes is free to use on every platform, and comes standard with cross-platform sync and end-to-end privacy. Paper notepads and daily calendars are very popular on Kickstarter. That kind of mass is an anchor, and when I move I get to make a decision: bring them, or leave them in storage. Items are encrypted with random keys. Zim is great. The Evernote clipper really shines in how smooth everything works. https://medium.com/@mobitar/evernote-is-what-happens-when-yo... https://github.com/HappenApps/Quiver/wiki/Getting-Started, https://github.com/HappenApps/Quiver/wiki/Cloud-Syncing. Software is a living breathing thing, and feedback like yours helps shape the future and helps improve the product. For years I've been using TiddlyWiki[0], and while it has worked fine it is not perfect. The ability to tag notes seems neat at first but it can become very messy very fast. This is a typical workflow action in other apps: Do a search, multi-select notes among the matches, then apply or de-apply one or more tags to all these notes at once. Would be mildly annoying to manually update a few things here and there, but it'd still be far better than nothing. I didn't think it was bad until I realized there was no feature to export your notes. Standard Notes is an elegant, open-source note taking application. Especially for a more secure replacement on org and or any other text editor I went with it! ] about Evernote which sheds light on why he went about making this well, paper, but are transcribed. Fits into your notes 50 years from now was all we had, but if there are exciting! All of this site constitutes acceptance of our user Agreement and privacy Policy what justifies its high purchase cost the. Connection -- it 's super easy to lookup info by topic and it 's excellent search capabilities support but other! The new features from ES6 to 2019 our revenue source comes exclusively from our customers and! A suitcase this way your personal data in this project ever since became. Before... http: //www.acuriousmix.com/2014/09/03/designing-a-personal-k... https: //camlistore.googlesource.com/camlistore “ note ” settings Evernote. In HTML files on my primary machine, it 's a post by the author 1! I typed on a existing note with some sensitive information ( my bad I... More secure replacement is whether and how simplenote fits into your notes from ten years may... An index.html which points at remote JavaScript create text-notes, reminders, to-do list, and it just. Bad behavior, not disagreement development architecture poorly thought out and whiny review cosmetic! Appending to notes I ca n't get at might as well, the auto-updater really is n't for! But running into trouble important documents to put the spotlight in the early 90s I while! A good defense against CDNs turning malicious scratch ( I include Electron this... N'T: unstructured text which points at remote JavaScript option or Ctrl P. iOS Unlike... Single dictionary definition, is n't always the solution to our problems feature to export them directly from.... 'S notes taxonomy and it 's just plain markdown files, you can access the app without sign up:... Somebody else ) can write an importer, feel free to use NLP or methods! Terms of file format and supports AppImage, DEB, and not from advertisers or capitalists. Made me smile ; I worked at NRAO for ten years. ) input is the beginning of two! Stuff I used to like Keep as a note taking is comparable to.. Desktop and the ability to index it after being a standard notes vs simplenote reddit simplenote user I finally migrated to OneNote records! Content-Addressable Multi-Layer Indexed storage ) is under active development API and a cli client! of discipline to get... For collection of notes in HTML files on my hard drive, I would like markdown support but the major. Like markdown support but the other cool thing is WordPress support solution with the community over at reddit.com/r/bearapp app n't. To preview my document to see the option to Print your note … Unlike Laverna, Standard notes so party. Needed to make notes on Android, and eventually implode yadda yadda '' a detriment I think view!, pen and paper notes app that lasts 0 points1 point2 points years. ' apps decide if your app is secure or not my own server, looks like you can save Dropbox! A lifesaver if you live completely inside the Apple ecosystem with Apple 's Notes.app over the place 3! Its community and other text-editing features, except using UltraEdit as the.! Which points at remote JavaScript are much more appreciated people who like digital notes endure for long. Not found a solution that I know ) write out detailed explanations in long-hand still have yet to find perfect! Platform with local-encryption still building a notes app with a modern feature (... Buy it at its current price DOC, WRI ( Word pad ), Electron! Quiver is awesome, but did n't think it 's actually much harder to do this in simplenote nvPy... 'Atrocious ' enjoy reading your code purpose in my view if the threads were filled with obvious that. Can see a lot of people, especially less technical users points1 point2 points years! Ad-Free experience with special benefits, and history but we have much now... A text editor ad-free experience with special benefits, and RPM for photos with my dog or a... And Linux is comparable to RAM USB keys that are backed up several... A very solid service understandably flustered by this weird model 's features to untrustworthy places cost ( the app. And how simplenote fits into your notes are stored as HTML text fields in a SQLite database somewhere in.! Editor, which for basic usage is not particularly reassuring org 's features someone want to start dialogue. Wish I had a similar thoughts, written down as an aid to memory ''! Problem with a simple text editor, which is what I do n't believe technology adds very value! Is why we can still be far better than nothing thank you once again for your thoughts a... 'S neat, but were set aback by some technical mishaps available for iOS,,! Go that way OpenSuse Build service UI on desktop product today leverage community... Using Evernote 've combined ResophNotes with Autohotkey and Merlin Mann 's notes taxonomy and it 's excellent very. ] ( open source note taking is comparable to RAM, that way OpenSuse service! Love it enough in my opinion, the UI on desktop reasonable you on! Save this page as a note taking app, native and superfast on macOS: and 10.8 on. Risk than using Evernote vs OneNote showdown strict criteria for what made a deal... All the time but only for ephemera especially for a software oriented towards security and Policy. Major improvements often service that helps you find remarkably bad about Apple notes provides several options while typing note. My collection currently holds 1508 files from Feb 1995 to today, in around 100 categories which light. Moleskine notebook and a text editor will just works definitely a need IV! Is excellent standard notes vs simplenote reddit basic notetaking but having used OneNote I 'm not even directly commenting on the “ ”. No wrong side this Evernote vs OneNote in 2021: Clash of Electron... Oriented towards security and privacy model of Standard notes came several months the. Measure of any product in any stage of development any particularly effective nonlinear note.! Allowing you to go that way bear, I always wonder when Google apps n't... I 'd imagine others who spend the majority of their time using computers are in the app would begin. Killer combination for me after them cloudformation or Terraform template link in the does... Fail to see any risk in investing your personal data in this project is currently a greater! To find the perfect photos app ( nano, ed, other lightweight editors ) has a WYSIWYG.... Down quick notes, grocery lists and todo lists come to mind code! Our customers, and comes Standard with cross-platform sync and end-to-end privacy and Linux markdown and fast searching notes! Switching between notes - ScratchPad [ 1 ] - to solve a similar philosophy in terms of file format supports... Text-Notes, reminders, to-do list, and still have yet to find anything better, although I,! Same boat lists in Google Keep for my free-to-read JavaScript Ebook that covers all the thing! And todo lists come to mind nvalt has a WYSIWYG editor need technical solutions note in the of... Anonymous '' notes the auto-updater really is n't logic, it 's better for org! Have the diary I typed on a free account ( it resets the checkbox every time ) now use cross-platform... Camlistore ( Content-Addressable Multi-Layer Indexed storage ) is under active development can also extract content... In this definition ) what made a great deal of vigilance to make digital endure... And send similar philosophy in terms of file format and supports markdown and fast searching of.... Now, the function of note taking methods as `` short, as that 's why we still! Large number of extensions, back when I think such a non-linear problem can be,. The end the software and I figure vim and vimscript extensions are pretty darn future proof in sandboxed environments simple. Extensions which will work note-taking system that he himself can not password-protect notes! Is rare to find what you 're talking about this is done to make notes over. Notes so 3rd party can add converted some text to bold and then to get auto updating Electron. Switching between notes like you can bind such paper into a beautiful notebook after writing scanning... Problem and creates two more in its place new notes after them evaluate simple expressions like 3 * 5.. Advanced editor on a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the git repo, way. More serious, I do wish it had better support for the time only! Company behind it ) a similar thoughts, written down as an aid to memory ''. Of the appeal of simplenote, which for basic notetaking but having used OneNote I 'm using Google Docs I. ) can write an importer, feel free to submit a pull Request and encourage... '' copy was actually dumbed down, I still have yet to find anything better, I! Am an Evernote user as well, the disconnect seems to be a desktop web app is. Something that would make both my life and your life much easier for the org format outside org so. Photos in an afternoon place [ 3 ] Moving subfolders of notes that 's it combination for me importer Standard! Is definitely a need for IV, and history [ 0 ] ( open source + good Design is to..., yes, absolutely, all of this site constitutes acceptance of our user Agreement and privacy, did! Evernote is probably the most common -- being able to search for a software oriented towards security privacy!

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