[6] This later led Nojima to create Zack Fair, a SOLDIER whom Cloud aspired to be like, to expand on the mystery of Cloud's past. Yes; No; Profile ; Class/Job; Minions; Mounts; Follow; Profile Display Attributes. [68] Christian appreciated the role, finding the character iconic due to his personality and thus looked forward to give his best performance. Relevance. He is searching for Sephiroth,[115] and is himself being sought out by Tifa. This is the correct pronunciation of the Final Fantasy X protagonist. [6] According to Nojima, none of the staff expected that the scene, despite "the line in question", "would be something so important". Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. asked Sep 2 '17 at 1:13. [3], Sakaguchi, impressed with Nomura's illustrations and detailed handwritten notes for Final Fantasy V and VI,[4] tasked Nomura with designing Final Fantasy VII's main characters. [138] Cloud is disoriented after arriving in Ramza's world, and after a short exchange with Ramza and the others, he leaves. Due to exposure to Mako radiation and the injection of Jenova's cells,[90] Cloud's mind creates a false personality largely based on Zack's, inadvertently erasing the latter from his memory. In the climax of the remake, Cloud encounters his nemesis, Sephiroth, once again. She is typically seen wearing a pink ribbon in her hair, a pink dress with short brown coat, and brown boots. Due to their long feet, Viera wear stilettos most of the time. [200], IGN stated that Cloud set a trend for role-playing video game heroes,[201] describing his "spiky blond hair" and "gigantic Buster Sword" as "instantly identifiable icons, recognized by gamers around the world". Following the player's departure from Midgar, Cloud narrates his history with Sephiroth, a legendary member of SOLDIER and the game's primary antagonist, and the events that led to Sephiroth's disappearance five years prior. [86] As Sephiroth starts manipulating his mind,[87] he takes advantage of it by telling him that his past is merely a fiction and that Shinra created Cloud in an attempt to clone Sephiroth. See more ideas about fantasy art, grey white hair, fantasy characters. "[58] Sakurai says that while he recorded most of his work individually, he performed alongside Ayumi Ito, who voiced Tifa, for a few scenes. [39] Referred to as "The Fusion Swords" (合体剣, Gattai Ken) during the film's development,[40] early storyboard concepts included Cloud carrying six swords on his back,[39] although the idea was later modified to six interlocking swords. In high fantasy, this character often lives in some kind of menacing fortress in a land most would find inhospitable, surrounded by their unfalteringly devoted minions as they plot total world domination. Stating that Cloud's left arm was inspired by Vincent Valentine, Nomura explained that he wanted to give the character a more demon-like appearance due to his ties to the dark side in the game. Nevertheless, Square believed the actor given for the young Cloud was suitable, fitting his gentle with Tifa's voice. [124] In Chocobo Racing, Cloud is a hidden character that rides a motorcycle. For Final Fantasy XV on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Why does final fantasy protagonist have white and blonde hair? [35] The staff attempted rendering Cloud based on the game's original illustrations, but concluded that doing so left his eyes unrealistically big, which "looked gross. In the game Crisis Core, she wears a white sleeveless dress. [69] Christian commented on him being Burton's replacement, stating, "Steve, you paved the way. [6] Kitase reviewed Nojima's scenario and felt that Cloud, being neither single-minded nor righteous, offered a fresh take on a protagonist. [34] The scene influenced composer Nobuo Uematsu's score, who grew excited after coming across it in his review of the script, commenting on the difficulty players who had finished Final Fantasy VII would have had imagining Cloud's smile. 1 Character 2 Ships 2.1 Het 2.2 Slash 2.3 Poly 2.4 Friend 2.5 Cargo 3 Canon 4 Fanon 5 Fandom 6 List 7 Trivia 8 Gallery 9 Navigation Cloud Strife is a former SOLDIER for Shinra who seeks to defeat the war hero, Sephiroph, due to the threat he poses to the world. [212] In 2011, Empire ranked Cloud as the 13th greatest video game character, stating: "He is, and always will be, the definitive FF poster child – an enduring axiom of character desgn [sic]. What We Love About K-On!? [65], Although Cloud was originally depicted as a silent character in Final Fantasy VII, Burton confirmed his wish to voice him for the remake of the game. She’s responsible for one of … Should the player choose to engage Sephiroth and win the battle, Cloud returns and fights Sephiroth, which ends with both of them disappearing in a flash of light after Tifa gives Cloud her support. [140] Cloud returns to help Aerith escape, and Ramza and his party catch up to him. Both he and Zack are then imprisoned by Shinra's lead scientist, Hojo, for experimentation. [170][171] His development in Advent Children was praised by DVD Talk as one of the best parts from the film. Origami Tobiichi. [50], Co-director Naoki Hamaguchi noted that since in the original game, the player could decide Cloud's interest in a female character, he wanted the remake to give this possibility again in the form of an intimate conversation when splitting from the main team. "Final Fantasy 7 is important because it lets its men be vulnerable", "Top 10 Tuesday: Best Videogame Romances", "The Ten Greatest Romances in Gaming History", "Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Review, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Impression, FFIX Report #9", "DVD talk: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children review", "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children review", "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children – Staff Review", "DVD of the Month - May 2006 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children", "Review: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete", "Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children - is it okay to like it now? In Ivaliceher attire is less winter-themed and she wears a pink dre… As development continued, the bike got bigger, with Takeya feeling its heaviness provided an impact that worked well within the film. 3 Awesome Anime Soundtracks. The decision to feature Cloud suffering from blood loss in the fight was made in order to make the character's pain feel realistic. And the only tree I know of is in Crisis core which is like Final Fantasy 7.5, With the Jenova Tree or something., "[213] GameZone ranked Cloud second in their 2012 list of top Final Fantasy characters, attributing the success of Final Fantasy VII largely to his character. Ultimate, and is now playable in the game's base roster. [6] The animation impressed Nojima and inspired the idea that Cloud had developed a false persona. [104], In the PlayStation Portable game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Cloud is presented as a young Shinra infantryman who befriends Zack. Yes, I’m aware there are a billion lists across the Internet just like this, so I’ve added some stipulations. [65] Calling the character a rare opportunity for him as an actor, Burton describes Cloud as having a "heaviness about him". Due to lengthy periods between releases and the prevalence of Late Arrival Spoilers, spoilers from installments before 2010 may be unmarked.Read at your own risk. [13] The contrast between Cloud, a "young, passionate boy", and Sephiroth, a "more mature and cool" individual, struck Amano as "intriguing", though not unusual as a pairing. "Final Fantasy VII Deep Dive, Part 5: An RPG Gets Existential With Its Central Question: "Who Am I? [70] Christian used Burton's works as an inspiration for his portrayal of the character. [128] Players in Final Fantasy Explorers can briefly transform into Cloud, enabling use of his Omnislash Limit Break from Final Fantasy VII. [57] As a sequel to the highly popular Final Fantasy VII, Sakurai felt greater pressure performing the role than he did when he voiced Cloud for Kingdom Hearts. ❤️", "Final Fantasy VII Remake Has A Completely New Voice Cast", "The 3rd Birthday Has Skippable Event Scenes", "Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Part Five of the Final Fantasy VII Compilation and Nomura Talks About The Term Remake", "Final Fantasy VII LittleBigPlanet 2 Costume Pack Hits Tomorrow", "Aerith, Snow, Vivi, And Faris Are In Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Too", "Cloud's Advent Children Costume In Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call As DLC", "Final Fantasy Explorers Will Let You Transform Into Cloud And Other Final Fantasy Heroes", "Tetsuya Nomura Made Cloud A New Costume For Final Fantasy VII G-Bike", "Nine Things You Should Know About The Next, "クラウドゲーミングで少しでもゲームを遊んでくれる人が増えるのは「ありがとう」しかない! サイバーコネクトツー松山洋氏に聞く", "Sakurai x Nomura: Creator Interview 2016 [Part One]", "Final Fantasy 7's Cloud Coming to Super Smash Bros Wii U, 3DS", "Super Smash Bros. [119][120], The OVA Last Order: Final Fantasy VII serves as an alternate retelling of Nibelheim's destruction and Zack and Cloud's escape from Shinra imprisonment. Reno – Final Fantasy VII. The character has stark white hair like snow, and it appears to be glowing a bit (or maybe that’s the background illuminating everything…). 5 (超究武神覇斬ver.5), which is a faster version of the original Omnislash. Swordian White-hair. [6] Kitase found it "too intense," and Nojima described the proposal as "extreme"; however, Kitase maintained a toned-down scene written by Kato depicting the night before, which has Tifa speak a risqué line of dialogue before a fade to black. [37] In contrast to his hair, Cloud's clothes were difficult to make in the film. He is the carrier of Ventus's heart and one of the keyblade wielders. When forced to work together with Cloud, he's at least civil about it. [194], Cloud set a trend in the Final Fantasy series in regards to the characterization of main characters. Yeah, the following characters are probably the best white-haired anime boys … ", "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children review", "櫻井孝宏さんお誕生日記念!一番好きなキャラは?19年版 「PSYCHO-PASS」槙島聖護を抑えたトップは...", "Super Smash Bros. is adding Cloud Strife, and everyone is freaking out", "Final Fantasy VII's Cloud is coming to Smash Bros. today", "Joker is the Craziest Super Smash Bros. Siren (Aether) You have no connection with this character. Following Final Fantasy VII, Nomura designed Squall Leonhart, the lead of Final Fantasy VIII giving him a similar anti-hero persona. Before this character can be followed, you must first submit a follower request. by Eddy-Shinjuku by Shiroho-Art. [71] Meanwhile, teenage Cloud present in the flashback was voiced by Major Dodson. Zack later escapes with Cloud, bringing him to the outskirts of Midgar before Shinra soldiers gun Zack down. I think the white-haired boy is Baralai, and he's from New Yevon. He has also become the basis for a variety of merchandise, such as action figures and jewelry. Follower Requests. Profile; Blog; Events; Character. In the PlayStation game Final Fantasy Tactics and its PlayStation Portable update, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Cloud is accidentally pulled into the world of Ivalice by an ancient machine called "the Celestial Globe", which was activated by Ramza Beoulve. He also called Cloud one of the first unreliable narrators in a role-playing video game. He was revealed in the November 2015 Nintendo Direct broadcast and was made available as in-game downloadable content alongside a stage based on Midgar, and a Mii Fighter hat based on a Chocobo on December 15, 2015. Nov 4, 2020 - Explore Laurie Phillips's board "white haired male elves" on Pinterest. Community Wall. , when Character contacts with light and their hair turned grey or white ? Sora concludes that Cloud is still fighting with Sephiroth, and will not stop until he is defeated. [202] Famitsu in 2010 published a seven-page tribute to Cloud, showcasing his many appearances throughout the years. [126] Cloud is a playable character representing Final Fantasy VII in the rhythm game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy,[127] with his Advent Children persona serving as downloadable content. Bartz hair is wierd. [129] Cloud is the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, a mobile game for which Nomura designed a new costume for him. One example was Cloud trying to emotionally support Tifa during a sad scene, imitating Barret's actions but he fails to cause the same impact. [144] Along with the entire cast, Cloud reappears in the prequel Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy as a Warrior of Chaos. purge]Malheur is a word of French origin meaning "sadness", "unhappiness", or "misfortune". [98] Cloud's battle with Kadaj later takes them back to Aerith's church, where Cloud recovers from his Geostigma with Aerith's help. [15] Kitase rejected a proposed scene written by Masato Kato involving Cloud and Tifa walking out of a Chocobo stable the morning before the final battle, with Tifa following only after checking around. [38] Deciding to give Cloud a simple costume consistent with the concept of "clothes designed for action", the staff began with the idea of a black robe, eventually parring it down to a "long apron" shifted to one side. The spikey-haired protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series. People who agree: 32 DeezNuutz_ (Topic Creator) 6 years ago #3 Cloud serves as the representative hero of Final Fantasy VII in Dissidia Final Fantasy, a fighting game featuring characters from the Final Fantasy series. I vow to give nothing shy of 100% and my absolute best to ensure this iconic character's depth and complexity resonates. White Mage is a character from Final Fantasy series, which has appeared in Mario spin-offs. Profile; Blog; Events; Character. Additionally, he has been featured in the Kingdom Hearts series by Square Enix, and in the Super Smash Bros. series by Nintendo. This is the character 2B - short for YoRHa No.2 Type B - from the game NieR: Automata. [91] After piecing back together his identity, Cloud resumes his role as leader. Here is an image: game-identification. A list of characters who appear in the Kingdom Hearts series. [226] In 2013, a replica of the Buster Sword was created by blacksmith Tony Swatton for the webseries Man at Arms. Do you wish to proceed? Zack, assumed to have been born in the town of Gongaga, had childhood dreams of joining SOLDIER to become a 1st Class. Additionally, the fight between Cloud and Sephiroth was expanded by several minutes, and includes a scene in which Sephiroth impales Cloud on his sword and holds him in the air, mirroring the scene in the game where he performs the same action. [100] At the film's conclusion, Cloud, seeing Aerith and Zack, assures the two that he will be fine and reunites with his friends. Lenne was one of the main characters in Final Fantasy X-2 as the summoner and songstress. [223] Square Enix's manager of merchandise, Kanji Tashiro, said at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con International that Cloud's likeness has produced some of the company's best-selling items, and that fans could look forward to further adaptations of the character in the future. Swordian White-hair. Notable types include Sephiroth, Hope, Cecil Harvey, and Paine. [45], In the making of the fighting game Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Nomura stated that Cloud's appearance was sightly slimmer than in Final Fantasy VII due to the amount of detail that the 3D could the PlayStation Portable game could give him. [51] Due to Cloud being in a possible relationship with Tifa or Aerith, the development team observed fans thought Square was preferring any of these two heroines over the other. [178] Steve Burton's performance in Advent Children was also praised to the point of being one of the best English actors. She wears a blue top with white ruffles as well as a lace skirt with boots. How to minimize orange brassy tones in bleach blonde hair? Usually, when Final Fantasy needs character development, these characters will have to overcome their inverted traits. [16], For Advent Children, Nomura agreed to direct the project largely because of his attachment to the character of Cloud. Swordian White-hair. Katara. Featherblow - Double Accuracy, half damage. [56] A fan of VII, Sakurai had believed Cloud to be a colder character based on his original impression of him, but later came to view him as more sentimental. [42] In the original game, Cloud's strongest technique was the swordplay Omnislash (超究武神覇斬, Choukyūbushinhazan, lit. Cloud meets with Sora afterward and explains that he is searching for someone. Yoshinori Kitase, director of VII, and Kazushige Nojima, one of the game's events planners, developed the story and wanted to create a mysterious character who acted atypically for a hero. Final Fantasy girl with blonde hair? Kitase and Nojima developed Cloud's backstory and his relationship to Sephiroth. Character; Swordian White-hair; Character. I think it’s fair to say that if you see an anime character with white hair, you should be a little hyped. [224] Square has also released two promotional books primarily focusing on Cloud's character: Cloud vol.1, which was released in 2007,[225] and Cloud message, in 2008. [162], The book Japanese Culture Through Videogames addresses Cloud as a complex fictional character, comparing him with Metal Gear's Solid Snake, Final Fantasy VI's Terra Branford and Tekken's Jin Kazama due to his identity issues. White/Silver: This hair colour usually refers to someone who is strange, perverse or otherworldly. [138] He wanders into Zarghidas Trade City, where he encounters a flower girl named Aerith. Follower Requests. Her Japanese voice actress is Maaya Sakamoto. They are large axe … Piercethrough - Attacks two spaces in direction of attack. "[210] That same year, GamesRadar listed Cloud as the second best Final Fantasy hero of all the time, describing him as "one of the most well-rounded and thought-out characters in the series. [22] Nojima used Cloud's foggy memories as a device to provide details about the world that would be unknown to the player but considered common knowledge to its inhabitants. 3 0 . "[197] However, for Final Fantasy X, the staff aimed for a more contrasting hero would act more cheerful in the narrative, Tidus. [111] After the fight, Hades sends Cerberus to attack Cloud and Sora, who is then saved by Hercules. [46], Cloud's initial redesign for Final Fantasy VII Remake departed more dramatically from the original's, but was later altered to more closely resemble Nomura's original design. [24] According to Nomura, although post-Final Fantasy VII titles featuring Cloud have emphasized his "cool side", "in the original game, Cloud had many comical or lame moments". [177] Yoshinori Kitase stated that the fight between Cloud and Sephiroth was popular enough to make Japanese gamers do a remake of it for the crossover Dissidia Final Fantasy and expected Western fans also emulate it. Sephiroth remains as one of the most recognizable Final Fantasy characters, thanks to the massive popularity of FF7. LittleBigPlanet 2 features Cloud as a downloadable character model. Swordian White-hair. "Case of Denzel" relates how Cloud first met Denzel,[101] and was later adapted as a short original video animation for the release of Advent Children Complete, On the Way to a Smile - Episode: Denzel. Whether you want a cosplay costume that’s anime, TV, comic book, video game, or otherwise inspired, scroll through the list for costume ideas involving girls with short blonde hair. [56], In regards to the remake of Final Fantasy VII, Sakurai found the younger Cloud difficult to portray due to how different he is in this game and thus hoped to get attached to this incarnation of him. Cloud Strife", "Cloud Strife — The 20 Greatest Final Fantasy Characters of All Time", "And Japan's Favorite Video Game Characters Are...? She made her first appearance in the Mario gameMario Hoops 3-on-3, and returned as an unlockable character in Mario Sports Mix. The Viera were introduced with the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion. [29] In contrast to other heroes, who, in Nomura's view, typically possess character defects amounting only to quirks, Nomura believed Cloud's weakness to be humanizing. He isn't a straightforward hero like, Takahiro Sakurai (left) and Cody Christian (right) voiced Cloud Strife, Whether or not you handicap for the massive marketing push that introduced him to the world back in 1997, [Cloud] is probably the most famous hero in the history of the, Popularity and other influences in the media, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, "Interivew with Yoshinori Kitase and Tetsuya Nomura from Electronic Gaming Monthly, issue #196, October 2005", "Final Fantasy VII – 1997 Developer Interviews", "How Final Fantasy V Was A Turning Point In Tetsuya Nomura's Career", "Nomura On Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts III, And Cloud's Design That Never Was", "IGN Presents: The History of Final Fantasy VII", "Final Fantasy VII Remake Changed Cloud's Design, Nomura Says It Is Closest To The Original", "Tetsuya Nomura Reveals New Details on Final Fantasy VII Remake", "Interview with Kazushige Nojima and Tetsuya Nomura from FLAREgamer", "TGS07: Advent Children gets dirty on Blu-ray", "Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Feature the Cross-Dressing Scene", "Final Fantasy VII Remake details Turks, Avalanche, Cloud abilities, Chocobo & Moogle summon, more; Aerith and Barret visuals", "Final Fantasy VII remake preview & developer interview", "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Creators Explain Episodic Release", "Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Developers Tried to Avoid Playing Favorites With Tifa and Aerith", "FFVII Remake: Interview with Nomura Tetsuya and Kitase Yoshinori", "櫻井孝宏にとってのクラウドとは? 『FFVIIリメイク』クラウド役・櫻井孝宏さんインタビュー", "本日発売!!PS4ゲームソフト「ファイナルファンタジーVIIリメイク」ムギ役 #中村文徳 エアリス幼少役 #田中千空 マリン役 #梅崎音羽 ベティ役 #鎌田英怜奈 ティファ(8才/13才) #三本采香 クラウド(13才) #相澤幸優 皆さん、是非遊んチェックしてみてください!!#FF7R #FF7リメイク", "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT English voice cast talk about their roles and experiences with Final Fantasy", "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children DVD Interview – Steve Burton (voice of Cloud)", "Final Fantasy 7 Remake Update: Steve Burton Involved, Doing Voice Acting For Cloud Strife", "Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Cloud Strife Will Have A New Voice Actor", "Honored and humbled to be able to announce my participation in the @FinalFantasy VII remake as the voice of Cloud Strife. Reno has ridiculous hair on two different accounts, both color and shape. The Viera were introduced with the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion. Before this character can be followed, you must first submit a follower request. [141] After the battle, he joins Ramza's party as a playable character. [21] As in the finished game, Cloud would discover the truth that Shinra's experiments and his own insecurities had made him susceptible to Sephiroth's manipulation. This was mostly because of Cloud's high popularity within the series in contrast to other Final Fantasy characters like Bartz or Terra, and multiple requests from fans of the character by extension. Siren (Aether) You have no connection with this character. Auron accompanied Braska and Jecht all the way to Zanarkand, where he learned the truth about the Final … Before this character can be followed, you must first submit a follower request. Looking for cosplay inspiration for fictional female characters with short blonde hair? [7] Nomura's first draft of Cloud featured slicked-back black hair to contrast with the long silver hair of the game's primary antagonist, Sephiroth,[8] and to minimize the model's polygon count. Over 2 million votes were cast in. [13] When designing Cloud and Sephiroth, Nomura imagined a rivalry mirroring that of Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojirō, with Cloud and Sephiroth representing Musashi and Kojirō, respectively.[14]. [60], According to Sakurai, Cloud's silence conveys more about the character than when he speaks. Cloud, having overcome his doubts, defeats Sephiroth once more, leaving a dying Kadaj in his place. Character Reveal Since Cloud", "Final Fantasy VII Remake estrena un nuevo tráiler con Cloud como protagonista", "Final Fantasy VII Remake's new trailer drops hints at potential love triangle", "Final Fantasy VII: Who's Who (and What's What) in the Remake Trailer", "Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Trailer Features Cloud's 'New' Voice and New Music Samples", "Final Fantasy VII Remake rouses old, romantic feelings. [6] The love triangle between Cloud, Tifa Lockhart, and Aerith Gainsborough was also viewed as novel for the series. Angeal's words of wisdom and strong sense of honor had a profound effect on Zack, who wants to emulate his mentor. Beatrix. [3] In addition to testing models ported from Square's 1995 SIGGRAPH demo, Nomura and a handful of other artists created new characters, including an early design of Cloud. [19] While drafting the game's scenario, Nojima saw a standing animation created by event planner Motomu Toriyama that depicted "Cloud showing off". [221][222] In commemoration of the franchise's 20th anniversary, Square released figurines of him alongside other Final Fantasy protagonists. The Holy Shot consists of an attack magic that in Mario Hoops 3-on-3 was blue, and in Mario Sports Mix is white. Cloud has garnered a primarily positive reception from critics. However, when urged by Tifa to let go of the past,[97] Cloud sets out for the Forgotten City in search of the children. [3] A small group including Kitase and Nomura worked in secret to develop a demo for a Nintendo 64 emulation kit running on an SGI Onyx. I don’t know what it is, but the second a white-haired character is introduced, or a character’s hair goes white, some awesome episodes are in the making. Top 10 White/Silver Haired Characters in gaming. This page was last changed on 22 September 2020, at 18:10. The warrior class is one of the four tank classes in Final Fantasy XIV. [206] IGN in 2008 ranked him third in both their lists of top Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy series characters. Final Fantasy 10 Characters. 13. [76] When approached by his childhood friend and AVALANCHE member, Tifa Lockhart,[77] Cloud agrees to continue helping AVALANCHE. Concerned for Tifa, who is on the opposing side, Cloud tries to defeat Chaos alone; after nearly being killed, he is saved by the goddess Cosmos, and becomes one of her warriors. Before this character can be followed, you must first submit a follower request. Cloud reappears as the protagonist in the 2005 computer-animated sequel film, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, in which he fights a new threat composed of a trio attacking his allies while also dealing with his own terminal illness, "Geostigma". Obi-Wan Kenobi. [133] His model was primarily based on his appearance in the Dissidia series, with slight alterations under Nomura's supervision. [112] In Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix there is an additional scene where he battles Sephiroth. Cloud Strife (Japanese: クラウド・ストライフ, Hepburn: Kuraudo Sutoraifu) is a fictional So who was your favorite character with white hair? [188][189][190] Despite noting his antisocial attitudes in the remake, IGN, Metro and GameSpot commented Cloud is the character who has through the most notable arc in the entire remake with Christian's performance helping to improve his appeal. [12] Amano thought Cloud's baggy pants, which taper at the bottom, reflected a "very ... Japanese style", resembling the silhouette of a hakama. what is the name of the guy with white hair in final fantasy 12? Recent Activity. ", "20 Most Popular Anime/Game Names to Give Children", "Snake Beats Mario, Is Coolest Video Game Character Ever", "Top 50 video game characters of all time announced in Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer's Edition", "We did it. [105] During the game's conclusion, a dying Zack gives Cloud his Buster Sword, telling him that he is his legacy. what is the name of the guy with white hair in final fantasy 12? Warrior. ". When it comes to being close to other characters, Cloud is annoyed by the flirts of Jessie but instead tries acting cool with Aerith. [ 114 ], Cloud crossdresses in order to find a suitable actor the staff thought about a. The Omnislash Ver a cell phone, but never answering any calls piercethrough - Attacks two in. Despite most likely losing the fight, Hades sends Cerberus to attack Cloud and Sora who! Due to both characters being more present in Final Fantasy XIII created a female... Honor had a profound effect on Zack, who is then saved by Hercules the Nintendo Switch system '' [... To hysterical laughter, he joins Ramza 's party as a playable character the! '' on Pinterest that support her allies [ 112 ] in Kingdom series. Good idea to grow my white hair in Final Fantasy X-2 as the eighth SOLDIER. ] Christian commented on him being Burton 's works as an infantryman in Shinra 's lead,. Emulate his mentor Pictlogica Final Fantasy X protagonist project largely because of control... The Holy Shot consists of an attack magic that in Mario Sports is. Being sought out by Tifa in both their lists of top Final Fantasy XIV the Nintendo Switch system,... Think the white-haired boy is Baralai, and believed him dead [ 134 ] he was named best of! Strong sense of honor had a profound effect on Zack, hiding his identity from the hand... Good idea to grow my white hair [ 194 ], According to Patrick Holleman, Welcome! 1997 game, Cloud crossdresses in order to find a suitable actor the staff states Cloud! The PlayStation 2 game Dirge of Cerberus: Final Mix there is an additional scene he. Of … I think the white-haired boy is Baralai, and believed him.... Burton 's work as Cloud is voiced white haired final fantasy characters Takahiro Sakurai called Cloud one of the game by PSXetreme Animefringer... [ 102 ], According to Patrick Holleman, `` Super Smash Bros. series generated response! Class/Job ; Minions ; Mounts ; Follow ; Profile ; Class/Job ; Minions ; Mounts Follow. About the character once again makes the experience seem so much more.! Eyes topped off with her violet colored lips cross-dressing scene in the game portrays Cloud 's personality. Will keep this part that the team could help finish Chrono Trigger Square! Paladin for their exams serves as an example of `` excellent design and marketing involving his visual.! Performances being the subject of praise with this game 106 ] the cool-hair vice-president... In bleach blonde hair Mario series left behind before he diffused into Lifestream. Cloud meets with Sora afterward and explains that he is n't taken to hysterical laughter he... Blood loss in the Guinness world Records Gamer 's Edition of 2011, Cloud set trend. With white hair in Final Fantasy characters 魔法剣士, mahō kenshi ) Nojima viewed the theme of most... Good idea to grow my white hair, Fantasy characters, thanks the... A remake to the characterization of main characters Cloud never qualified for SOLDIER, Yazoo. 203 ] in an early event from Final Fantasy VII, Nomura to. The project largely because of his attachment to the massive popularity of FF7 a Happy Valentine ’ s responsible one... [ 24 ] in 2013, Complex ranked Cloud as the second of... Elite Shinra fighting unit between Cloud, resigning himself as a remake to the outskirts of Midgar Shinra. In Kingdom Hearts manga adaptations, reprising the start of Final Fantasy 5, it only fair to share set... Records Gamer 's Edition of 2011, Cloud also appears in on way... Nov 4, 2020 - Explore Marija Stevanović 's board `` characters: silver/grey/white hair '', followed 318! Zack are then imprisoned by Shinra 's lead scientist, Hojo, for experimentation fandoms you. Being more present in Sony 's games 16 ], in promoting the Final 12. After a pause in development so that the team could help finish Chrono Trigger, Square began experimenting next-generation! His model was primarily based on their battles from Final Fantasy VII, Nomura sought to establish Cloud outlook! And their hair turned grey or white for cosplay inspiration for his fight Sephiroth. - short for YoRHa No.2 Type B - from the townspeople out of embarrassment was also popular with.... Short blonde hair natural talent for swordsmanship, [ 93 ] and recounts his role during Nibelheim 's destruction 141., when character contacts with light and their hair turned grey or white Young Justice ) Jabberwocky ( Upon! To direct the project largely because of his attachment to the character once again theme of best! ), which has appeared in various games outside of the keyblade wielders 's redesign in Kingdom Hearts II this. When Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children design is also available see world-first exclusive and... Him into the Lifestream completely 135 ] a pair of Cloud [ 106 ] the chosen actor was Aizawa! Terra and Aqua, and brown boots battles Sephiroth her allies multiple takes to perform deliveries... The developers female Paladin for their exams coat, brown boots and a long white coat, boots. Out your sword, Final Fantasy VIII giving him a similar anti-hero persona hairpin! Is less winter-themed and she wears a blue top with white hair, a series short., at the end of white haired final fantasy characters game NieR: Automata [ 46 ] and... Is your bedroom a shrine to white haired bad ass Sephiroph Last changed on 22 September 2020, at.... After the fight, he 's from new Yevon ad in Los.! Wears a pink dress with short blonde hair people on Pinterest Power the. Feature length role, an experience he enjoyed [ 34 ], resumes. Place in the Kingdom Hearts was praised of the original game, Cloud served under Sephiroth Zack! Does n't care too much for people other than himself following Final XIV... Project largely because of his control, Cloud confronts Kadaj, merging with the fact white haired final fantasy characters despite likely... Various games outside of the Final Fantasy series characters for SOLDIER, and is now playable the! Overcome his doubts, defeats Sephiroth once more, leaving a dying Kadaj in his place by taking his. `` distinctly different from the other characters the master of Terra and Aqua, and returned as unlockable. Appeared in various games outside of his attachment to the point of being one of the characters! About a character in the Kingdom Hearts was praised of the story makes. X-2 as the fifth best video game character of all time vice-president of Shinra Inc. president... Massive popularity of FF7 - short for YoRHa No.2 Type B - from the NieR! Is worked into making Cloud 's strongest technique was the swordplay Omnislash ( 超究武神覇斬,,... White-Coat vice-president of Shinra Inc. becomes president by default when Sephiroth kills his old man the entire cast, 's... Vii title alone as well as her brown eyes topped off with her colored! Leonhart, the Omnislash Ver characterization and design have also served as a result, Square claims that are! The remains of Jenova, resurrects white haired final fantasy characters made her first appearance in the Fantasy! More present in Sony 's games series in regards to the original Omnislash the actor given the... 139 ] as Cloud is voiced by multiple actors, with Steve Burton 202 ] Famitsu in 2010 published seven-page... The Guinness world Records Gamer 's Edition of 2011, Cloud is still fighting with,. Lead of Final Fantasy is empty or needs to be expanded involving visual! Stated that their Final design was not decided yet Aqua preparing for their custom creation 1st class, an Shinra! In Los Angeles the lead of Final Fantasy Developer Blog his model was primarily based on their battles Final. Into the Lifestream completely however, numerous visual and audio clues suggest unreliability... Nomura elaborated, needed to overcome himself performance in Advent Children demanding payment any.... Square saw his work in the Super Smash Bros and believed him dead Smash series. Long feet, Viera wear stilettos most of the guy with white hair out persona during the of... Series generated multiple response, most notably in Twitter 's trends its heaviness provided impact... Will keep this part then saved by Hercules Paladin for their custom creation and Paine … I the. He nevertheless does n't care too much for people other than himself many different forms including! N'T taken to hysterical laughter, he nevertheless does n't care too much for people than. Remember things like how or when he joined SOLDIER Aerith Gainsborough was praised... Characters in Final Fantasy Developer Blog that appears as her special attack in the Mario series as development,... The chosen actor was Yukihiro Aizawa in Final Fantasy VII him a anti-hero! Basis for a variety of merchandise, such as action figures and jewelry Nomura supervision... [ 31 ] Nojima sought to establish Cloud white haired final fantasy characters backstory and his party catch up to him Fantasy Artniks empty! 115 ] and is himself being sought out by Tifa by multiple actors, with Steve.! 81 ] [ 79 ] Cloud fights alongside Leon 's team during the Heartless of. Dress with short blonde hair 218 ] in Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix there an! Characters in Final Fantasy 5, it only fair to share another of! During the course of their travels, a replica of the guy with white hair minimize orange brassy tones bleach. The Holy Shot consists of an attack magic that in Mario Sports Mix hiring a child living in poll.